Water Heater – Its Maintenance Needs

Water Heater – Its Maintenance Needs

Various devices at home allow us to live and move comfortably. Among them is the water heater. Imagine how things will be without the water heater. Would your baths or showers be the same? Will simple washing of the dishes be the same? Imagine the discomfort you will have without such device. This is why it is essential that we take good care of it.

There are several maintenance tips that we can do. Such maintenance steps are not as tedious because water heaters only need to be checked at least once a year. However, before you plunged into checking your water heater, check its manual first. It is essential that you check it because there are several types of water heater and each has different needs. You have to follow specific safety precaution for each of the device. There are also general tips you can apply. Check them below:

1.    Among the important things you need to check are the relief and the temperature valves. The temperature can be check through its valve. You may lift its lever slightly and letting go after. Check if it returns to its place. When it does, the temperature valve is in good shape.

2.    As mentioned earlier, you have to check the type of water heater you have. If it is electric, you have to turn of the power. Shut it off before checking the different wire connections. Some are not comfortable in doing this, so they hire an electrician. It is better to ensure your safety than try something you are not sure of.

3.    There are also other measures taken for gas water heater. Before draining its water, you have to clean the path of the burner. If there are specs or residue, you have to remove them. To be certain of the measures to take, check the manual or call the manufacturers for the instructions. There are also certain safety precautions you need to follow. If you have a gas power heater, you have to install it about eighteen inches off the ground. You also have to be certain that there are no flammable objects there.

4.    You should also check the sediments. The best way to deal with them is to dissolve them. There are several products formulated for this. You have to check the labels though and follow instructions. Some of these solutions are very strong which is why you have to be careful. There are also products that are only used by emergency plumber brisbane because its contents are highly flammable.

5.    You have to check for sediments regularly. Deal with them as well because they can cause your heater to corrode or become rusty. You can remove sediments through the drain valve. Attach a hose and let the drain run. Once enough water has drained, turn the drain off.

Water heater provides comfort. If you do not want to deal with problems because of busted heaters, make sure that you maintain them properly. You can do this once a year. Check the temperature and relief valves. Make sure that you take precautionary measures though.

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